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sun and stars

Cosolargy (Co-solar-gy) is a modern term—derived from the words cosmic, solar, and logos—for an ancient practice. It is a highly advanced synthesis of scientific, metaphysical, and religious principles for use in the modern age.

This therapeutic System of Spiritual Regeneration teaches that solar light-energy is the carrier of intelligible information that, when properly applied by means of specialized solar absorption and other techniques of transcendence, activates latent psycho-physical and spiritual faculties (e.g., force centers and fields) in the individual, which leads to development of the spiritual Light Body for ultra-dimensional participation in Worlds of Light while in the present time-space continuum. Cosolargy thereby provides the individual the means of achieving immortality of the spirit/soul and transcendence from lower dimensional existence.

Cosolargy also teaches that the human family must learn to process the spiritual forces inherent within heightened cosmic/solar energy streaming down upon the Earth for the survival of the human species and for its continued evolution under a new state of the Universe. Truly universal, Cosolargy restores and supplements the ancient spiritual systems of the past for the emergence of a highly developed, spiritually evolved modern individual.

The Arts, Sciences, and Technologies of Cosolargy constitute a new spiritual and philosophical system made available to help the human species adapt to and survive new and increased levels of cosmic/solar radiation that are producing new life conditions on Earth. In the broadest sense, it represents the ideal ecological system because the perpetuation of the planet and the human species is dependent upon harmonious coexistence in accord with a changing environment. The marriage of science and religion becomes reality in Cosolargy because physiological, psychological, and spiritual attributes are involved directly with natural and supranatural laws.